The Hybrid Seed

The Hybrid Seed 
By Dwayne Alvin Hearn 

To every society 
seeds are life 
their extinction 
leads to strife 
For every seed 
A research librarian 
It keeps inside 
A perfect diary 
A seeds genes are 
An open book 
With all the answers 
If we look 
They tell us 
What we need 
So our people 
We may feed. 
The time has come 
To understand 
We must acquire 
A better plan 
Nature will find 
It’s own s6urce 
By letting it 
Take its course 
A centuries long 
Lost in only 
A few generations 
Of splicing this 
And cutting there 
Something is lost 
No one cares 
When you clone 
Lines are lost 
Then we pay 
A higher cost 
For once lost 
You can’t replace 
The genetic lines 
Our Human Race 

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