(1-29-08) My Migraine Headache!

Good evening! How are you doing? I hope that all is well and you are finding a way to enjoy each and every precious moment of this journey otherwise known as life!



Have you ever experienced one of those really challenging days where it is very challenging to live life one precious moment at a time? Have you ever had a migraine headache that lasted from the morning into the night without an end in sight? Today was that kind of day for me!


I could not sleep last night and I finally went to bed about 5:00am. I woke up about 7:45am with a migraine headache that kept me company throughout my day. Since I am planning to return to Tokyo on Friday, I needed to begin preparing for my trip and could not afford to take the day off.


I know what you are thinking, why didn’t he just take some medicine for his headache? Well, I have taken just about every medication there is on the market for migraine headaches, but nothing has worked for me so far! So I drank as much coffee as I could, took a hot shower, gathered some positive thoughts and hoped that it would provide me with some relief!


My homemade remedy provided me with some relief, however I was still in pain all day! In fact, I still have a migraine without any end in sight. Still, somehow I managed to think positive thoughts and work through this very challenging day. By not deciding to use my headache as an excuse I was able to accomplish a lot today.


Migraine headaches are no joke and they can be incredibly challenging to live with. It is by no means my intention to minimize their severity. However, will never use migraine headaches or anything that life has to offer me as an excuse for not fining a way to live my life one precious moment at a time!

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