I intend to stop looking for reason to be offended or allowing myself to become offended by people’s looks, words, or anything that is outside of me!


I was reflecting today on an experience that I had Last week. I was at one of the many Starbucks located around Ikebukuro Station. The store is three levels, with most of the seating on the top two levels. I am a heart patient with aortic insufficiency. I usually become short of breath after climbing stairs.


After entering Starbucks I found out that here were no seats on the first or second level. So I decided to go to the third level. After arriving at the third level I was breathing hard and out of breath, so I decided to sit down and wait for a free table. A table opened up after a couple of minutes and I sat down. Still not feeling well I decided to catch my breath before walking down to purchase a drink.


Shortly afterwards the waiting area on the third level was filled with about 4 or 5 people looking for a seat. Suddenly one of the workers came over to me and asked if I was planning to order a drink because other customers were waiting and they were curious about me just sitting there. I felt disrespected and responded in a strong manner. As a regular customer I felt offended by the fact that he had asked me to buy a drink, knowing that I always buy drinks. Later he changed his story and said he noticed me limping up the stairs and he just wanted to know if I need him to the go down and purchase the drink for me. After a heated exchange, I decided to leave.


Later that evening I was thinking about what happened and the way I handled things. Despite his behavior, I still felt like I could have handled things differently.  I let his behavior effect me and I responded in an unkind way.  

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