I woke up this morning with a lot of things on my mind, feeling a bit restless. Not feeling at peace, I decided to take a walk and explore AKATSUKA DORI. After a short dentist appointment, I started walking. Shortly after I started walking, it started to rain lightly increasing the level of humidity (moisture) in the air. I was determined to feel better, so I walked on despite my very painful knees and back, in addition to the humidity.

I walked and walked, ignoring my pain. I found a lot of interesting things along my journey. I have been living in this area part-time for almost two years now and I never realized that it was filled with hills. The more I walked, the higher I got and the greener it became. After walking for almost forty-five minutes I came upon a number of signs, one of which said TOKYO DAIBUTSU. I had always wanted to visit there, so I decided to walk another 200 meters or so to see it.

After walking through the big wooden gate and climbing the wooden stairs, I entered a very beautiful and peaceful sanctuary! The garden at TOKYO DAIBUTSU (JOURENJI TEMPLE) site is one of the most beautiful that I have visited in Japan!  I addition to the TOKYO DAIBUTSU (the 3rd largest sitting Buddha in Japan), there is a very beautiful pond filled with hungry carp (with some of the largest carp I have ever seen, including some golden ones), the JORENJI TEMPLE (a large wooden temple now in it’s third location), a Chinese pagoda, a large variety of old stone statues and an old gravesite.

There was something very magic about the very beautiful and sacred grounds. Here in this incredibly beautiful and peaceful place I felt suddenly at ease.  I felt so relaxed and at peace I wanted to lie down in the rain soaked grass. After immersing myself in the gentle sounds of nature, I felt a peaceful silence come over me.  It was a very refreshing experience that I will never forget.

Soon, it was time for me to return to a different reality. However, I promised myself before I left that I would carry some of this peace with me inside. It is really amazing to experience a place like this, so close to the rapid (perhaps rabid) pace of Tokyo. This experience reminded of the powerful healing powers of a peaceful place! It also reminded me that it’s even more important to create that peaceful place inside of me!

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2 Responses to TOKYO DAIBUTSU (6-26-07)

  1. picnic says:

    hi.. nice to meet you.
    i\’m Thai. my name is picnic.
    now….you\’re living in Japan,aren\’t?
    Ok.  Sayonara…

  2. picnic says:

    hi.. nice to meet you.
    i\’m Thai. my name is picnic.
    now….you\’re living in Japan,aren\’t?
    Ok.  Sayonara…

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